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Y’all know how I feel. Unless you actually live in Asia, it makes zero sense to go all Dynasty Warriors with this shit. Forget moral arguments for a second, how the fuck you gonna enforce supremacy or nationalism when you living in the servants’ quarters of Whitetown with no voice and no access to power?

And you know what? That’s not even the part that bothers me the most. The shit that bothers me is how that sort of racist mindset turns y’all into willing pawns of White Supremacy. Some of y’all say White nationalists are sympathetic to our cause. Oh fucking really?

Read the OP by this naive ass brother /u/Xerberuss:

I’m an Asian here, Vietnamese to be precise. I’m probably the last true Vietnamese of my kind here. I’m not just a Vietnamese nationalist, but a Asian nationalist. My dream is to see the East Asian people united under one banner or just to simply get along better (Note I said East Asia, referring to Korea, China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Japan. Do not ever think Filipinos are Asian, white people. they are not. They’re merely Pacific Niggers).

I live in an area where niggers and nigger culture dominate, and their cancer has spread over to the Indians and fellow East Asians. It’s pretty sucky here. So why am I here you ask? Well first, I don’t think there’s a East Asian nationalist subreddit or anything about that on 4chan; my people are oddly selfhating despite our glorious history and we’re frankly overshadowed by white nationalists, which brings me to my main point.

We should see each others as equals, as through history we have benefited from each others’ inventions and ideas. Early on, Chinese gave Europe silk, gunpowder, and paper money, etc. Later, European ideas helped push Asia forward, giving us modern political systems and advanced weaponry. You see, as much as I hate seeing Asian female-white male couples, it irks me more seeing our Asian women with niggers. A culture with dignity, pride, and tradition being paired with an ape. It disgusts me. You white nationalists want white women to date white men. We are not so different, as we Asian men want Asian women to date Asian men. Basically in other words, we generally don’t mess with you white guys, but we’re always being pushed around by other races. If we work together, we can ensure both goals are met: White nationalism and an Asia for Asians free of degeneracy. I don’t understand why so many white men steal our women. Tell me, why?

I’m not here to complain about white nationalists who hate anything that isn’t white, it’s a waste of my time and I had enough of it from /pol/. All I’m saying is, for my fellow Asian brother to unite so we can create an Asia for Asians, and possible forge an alliance with the white man, on condition that our women aren’t touched. We can fight against niggers and degeneracy together. Seeing a nigger with a Asian is far more disgusting than a white man with a Asian, but both aren’t justified. Races should stick with their down, do you not agree? I’m not trying to talk shit about white people, not at all. I’m just saying, it’s time for Asians to unite and for white men to stop stealing Asian women. Our real enemies are niggers. If our two races work together, we will find a bright future. Neither side should take advantage of the other.

Now read the responses from these Dylan Roofs who claim they “appreciate Asian culture” so much when he tells em to stop pushing the WMAF eugenics agenda.

While I understand your plight, you should focus on strengthening your own communities against the nigger. And I can’t make any promises regarding your women. It’s not our fault Asian women like white dick.

Except it absolutely fucking is.

I will continue to fuck any and all bitches, including Asian women. This is an unalienable right of the white man.

Thanks for pho.

HAHAHA, these dumb fucking haoles believe your emasculation is an INALIENABLE RIGHT of the White man. Still think they’re friends?

i can only read here and there, lost interest when i read that you are viet.

viet want some white embracing loving? fuck you and you fucking congs

grouping to other asian nations that has some relevancy? you guys are south east asians.

what have your country even produce that we use? nothing beside women to lay for dollars, just like thailand or philippines.

/u/Genghis-Brah, ain’t you Filipino? Still “respect” these motherfuckers bruh?

As a fellow asian, your entire argument shat on itself when you brought up your insecurity about white-asian mixing and “stealing” your women.

You want to unite with other nigger-haters, but only on your specific terms? What kind of childish bullshit is that?

You had a real chance at making a powerful call for every non-nigger human being to unite against niggers as one, and you derailed it by crying “Whaaaaa, we’ll be your best friend, but please don’t fuck my sister! Whaaaaaaa”

Look at this motherfucking Uncle Chan. This is what y’all sound like when you talk about allying with White nationalists. Wake the fuck up and smell the jackboots.

Good luck being an Asian nationalist. I’m not trying to be mean, but on average, it’s very safe to say that your people are inferior to North East Asians. You’re better off on focusing on Vietnamese nationalism and to quit whining about beta white men stealing Asian poon.

Divide and motherfucking conquer. Yeah, they support individual Asian nationalism, just like they propped up Imperial Japan. What was the end result? Did Hitler’s Germany get the Bomb dropped on them? Twice?

Understand this, brothers. We can never beat Sauron by becoming Nazgul. Racism is their weapon, they fucking invented it. Yeah, we have problems with prejudice, but they fucking weaponized that shit. It’s mind poison, and you need to fucking kill it, otherwise our people will forever be chained to Old World hatreds and unable to unite under one banner. Don’t turn into motherfucking Boromir telling me that we should use the One Ring ourselves. Fuck that shit bros, I’m headed to Mordor to bring this whole shit DOWN. You with me?

And while I’m dishing out this PSA, I just wanted to showcase this gem.

If you want any help steering those woman back towards yourself, visit /r/theredpill. That sub specifically teaches men how to interact with females effectively. It won’t stop other whites from poaching some women, but it will improve your chances of netting that perfect 10 East Asian.

THE MOTHERFUCKING CHIMPIRE ENDORSES THEREDPILL. Do you brothers understand now why I’ve never fucking liked that place?

See what they really think of you.

Motherfuckers, how bout y’all chimps don’t talk to ME like a bitch? Fuck your stupid ass hamstering. “Sexual strategy” may be amoral, but racism ain’t, go burn down some more churches while complaining about “feminism” like fucking pussies, lmfao.

Just remember brothers, when you gaze into the abyss, it gazes back into you. Keep that Han alive. My fuck you is strong. I don’t need no fucking serpents whispering in my ear, cast those motherfuckers out. One saranghe.

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