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The bamboo ceiling is something that people don’t seem to want to talk about, mainly because giving AA males hope is good because they will work harder. Tell them that there’s the possibility of advancement, and they will be more productive. Then when they are older in their thirties, and still not finding any success, they will be too invested in the workplace (mortgage, kids) to quit.

However, it is important for AA males to understand the concept of the Bamboo Ceiling, in order for them NOT TO WASTE THEIR LIVES, working and hoping, and ultimately getting ripped off.

Ultimately, the Bamboo Ceiling begins during the interview process for AA males. They say that AA males are not advancing in the corporate world because they lack assertiveness and confidence. Coincidentally, I have found that confidence and assertiveness are qualities HR/Managers tend to not look for in Asians. That is, corporate AA males are less assertive and confident, because the confident and assertive ones AREN’T HIRED.

It’s very simple. Managers do not want competition. Asians are known to be competent. Therefore, if they are competent and socially adept, they are a threat. People (the white managers) don’t like threats, especially from ANOTHER RACE.

Also, I have noticed that whenever an AA male behaves confidently/assertively, white people tend to try to emasculate him, either with jokes, or ridicule. How is it possible for AA male to be confident/assertive when they are constantly undermined? People need positive reinforcement to turn behavior into personality. How can you tell AA males that being confident/assertive is necessary for success, and when they do it, they get ridiculed and joked at? It doesn’t work.

Therefore, more AA males are less confident/assertive, and more docile doing into the workplace, and the ones still managing to be confident are weeded out of the workplace.

In the workplace itself, AA males are less likely to socialize and be sociable. This is from what I notice. Why is this? In addition to the selection given in the interview process, I have noticed that white people are generally less friendly towards Asians, but it is very subtle. Even in the workplace, I see token Asians in white groups, and of course, how many of those AA males are in the drivers seat? But those are the AAs that are the most “sociable”, aka, being tokens.

Also, I have noticed that token AAs seem to think themselves superior to FOB asians. This is also fascinating. Even though the token AA has little power in his group (or maybe some if he’s decent looking), he seems to think of himself as better than the “FOB” because white people accept him. However, that acceptance comes with the price of behaving in a way that is pleasing to white’s perceptions of Asians.

Of course, the argument can be, this is all because of MINDSET. But MINDSET is formed by experience. White people are treated differently in the workplace than Asians, therefore, they have a different MINDSET. You cannot have that mindset without the experience, that is called DELUSION.

Interaction involves more than one person. If AA males need to be assertive to get ahead, the people on the receiving end, the (majority are white) co-workers, also need to be okay with that assertiveness. However, research shows that that’s not the case. Because of the difference in social power between the two groups, white people feel instinctively that they don’t need to take that shit from an AA, regardless of competence at the task, “leadership skills”, etc.

In the end, AA males that see this look to themselves in attempt to change themselves. However, this is just another strategy. They tell AA males that they need to be more assertive, more confident, have more social skills, etc, etc, etc, which is merely just an attempt to get them to not be dissatisfied enough, while keep producing the same level of work. As long as you believe you have a chance in the workplace to get ahead, you will continue to work hard, the managers benefit from this, while you get your inflation raise.

“Social skills” is a two way street. I think AAs tend to forget that being white/Asian does make a huge difference in how people treat you. From my observations, the majority of young (30~) white managers are not smarter, more competent, but simply average/above average looking white males. They make friends easily because they have never been bullied, systematically emasculated, and have found that by being decent looking, tall, or broad shouldered, people respect them and do what they say. This is HALO EFFECT, where people confuse it for “social skills” and competence. Not that they are not smart, but in the same way the alpha wolf never read a book on management, he was just born bigger and stronger.

AsianMasculinity and other AA male groups, like PUA, etc, seem to have a deluded sense of what can be accomplished, and blame the individual for not accomplishing it. I believe this is because we are emasculated, and have it the hardest out of all men, and in order to give ourselves hope, we believe in these things. By blaming the individual, we keep the narrative that success is possible for everyone, and no one is really discouraged. Even if they have to doubt and question themselves, and suffer through that, they still believe that IT IS POSSIBLE to be successful in the white man’s society. Of course, who benefits the most from this? The white managers and owners that profit from AA males’ hard work in the workplace.

My point in all this is that for AA males that are in the corporate workplace, either through need to survive, or because of misplaced hopes, it’s important to assess the situation critically, and without your hopes clouding your judgment.

Or else you will end up 40, have given the best years of your life for the profits of others, and wonder why your boss is a 30 year old white dude with “social skills”.

EDIT: There’s some parts that need to be expanded. But if no one reads this then I won’t bother as it is quite long already.

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